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Composites, in general, cost more than wood products however you save money in the long run. Sanding and sealing once a year with real wood can get costly. Manufacturers claim 5 years or more for many of their deck finishing products but that is not realistic for New Jersey .

In this altitude, wood needs to be sealed once per year. At SB Deck Builders we can help save headaches and stop the confusion by cutting through the slick sales presentations found in manufacturers brochures and the big box home stores. We will give you the best information as products and deck technologies change. We treat our customers like family by giving you the facts we paid for with many years of experience in this business. This is another good reason to pick a knowledgeable specialist like SB Deck Builders

According to Wikipedia, Value is the quality(positive or negative) that renders something desirable. At SB Deck Builders, upon or first visit we want to establish what Value means to you and your family. If you can answer one simple question, have you decided to make your house your home?

We can make your dreams become reality. If you answer yes, let's give your home the makeover it deserves so you can enjoy it fully. Imagine early morning sun rises and having breakfast on your deck. In the afternoons you can entertain friends and family with BBQ's or simply read a good book during light rain. When it's time to relax, the accent lights show you the way to your hot tub. Just slip into the hot tub and take in the night sky. All of this right in your backyard.

If you have more of a temporary situation, 5 years or less, let's take a different approach and look at it as an investment tool. Decks add to appreciation of a home and is very well considered in your buyers decision making. If you want to command the most interest in your property (meaning the most value) a deck can get you great curb appeal while you enjoy it from day one.

A basic project start to finish average is 1 - 2 weeks. However, more complex projects can take 4 - 6 weeks. When asked, how much does a deck cost, it's much like a car. Do you want an economy or sports car? Just the basics or the luxury package? Anything is possible and we would like to talk to you about your needs.

Manufacturers specifications can give you pros vs. cons on the realities of products. Craftsman with everyday use of these products, bits, blades and various tools of the trade only come with time. You don't want to spend 10K on products and then start on-the-job training with your house. A professional can save you time and mone

We can build in the winter months and we encourage it. It's also one of the benefits of living in the great state of New Jersey. Snow one day and blue sky the next! Now you could wait until spring but we work on a first come first serve basis - which can turn into a backlog of jobs when spring begins. In peak season the wait can be 1 - 3 months to start a project. The construction will take slightly longer in the winter but SB Deck Builders will work daily on your project and call you when inclement weather hinders progress.

Communication is the key to SB Deck Builders business and our customers satisfaction. We will not compromise the project due to the weather on our project and will meet our obligations to keep you a satisfied customer.

First you can fill out our contact information and I will personally call you. If you prefer you can call us at 1 (800) 906-5583 and we can discuss the project you have in mind.

We can schedule a meeting at your convenience and I will work with your schedule and we can meet at your home or business. I ask that all people be present that have input into the design (i.e. husband and wife). Again, this is just for clear communication. Let us know the benefit you are looking for in this project.

Lifestyles are a big part of the deck design process and I have developed a unique checklist with questions most couples have not yet discussed. Our goal at SB Deck Builders is to make sure your new living space will be a proper fit to meet your outdoor living needs.